FuseConnect APP design and development

Fuseconnect Fiber Fusion Splicer Application  

In this digital and internet-driven era, good User Interface (UI) design and application design for mobile apps (APP) are becoming increasingly important. MasouDesign, with its expertise in UI design and APP development, has created Fuseconnect for a leading fiber fusion splicer company.

Fuseconnect is an APP specifically designed for fiber fusion splicer engineers, providing a comprehensive user interface to assist them in easily and efficiently documenting fusion splicing processes during their work.

After each fusion splicing is completed, the machine automatically generates photo records and imports data generated by the machine during the fusion process. This data is then transformed into more recognizable frontend text information, which is directly transmitted to the Fuseconnect APP. Engineers can access and manage this information anytime, send it, or store it in their cloud devices for backup.

We not only help our clients save potential significant costs in data usage but also propose convenience enhancements in managing the connection and support between their agents and engineering teams.

Our design team utilized the Flutter development framework to create this highly interactive and user-friendly APP. In terms of UI design, we adopted a clean and concise visual style that guides users smoothly through various operations while ensuring the clarity of information.

Fuseconnect not only supports wireless connectivity with fiber fusion splicers but also provides rich data management functionalities. All of this is a result of our passion and technical expertise in UI design and APP development. Our design and development team is dedicated to creating digital products that best meet user needs, allowing technology to truly serve people.

The Fuseconnect APP we created for our clients showcases our strong capabilities and innovative thinking in UI design and APP development. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality digital products and services to more clients with our professional expertise and unique perspective.


FuseConnect App 開發

  • UI/UX design
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration design
  • Copywriting planning
  • Flutter development framework
  • Backend development
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Onboarding screens

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